Experience When It Matters Most

At Cozzo Law, we are committed to multiple aspects of the law. We know being charged with anything from a minor traffic offense to a criminal charge can quickly turn into a frightening experience. We also know that having a 'hold-over' tenant can not only be exhausting in your pocket but mentally as well. If your family is buying a new home, we know how important it is to have a great attorney by your side when making the biggest purchase of your life. And we know most of all that family comes first. So if you are going to court for any type of family case or even an unfortunate divorce, call Cozzo Law immediately. We will give you the best possible guidance to ease your mind and for you to make the best possible choices.

Criminal Law

Whether you've been recently charged with an offense or you're under investigation for an alleged offense, Cozzo Law can help you.

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Traffic Tickets

At Cozzo Law, we will go to court for you, so you don't have to miss any days from work.

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Family Law

Cozzo Law handles all types of Family Law cases ranging from child custody, child support, visitation, neglect charges, and orders of protection.

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Personal Injury Law

Our personal injury attorneys have over a decade of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims.

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Joe is without a doubt the best attorney in New York. His firm has helped me on multiple issues and I've never been disappointed.”

- Robert Dillon, Long Island

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