Real Estate Law

Purchasing a new home or commercial property is a huge endeavor, seeking the help of an attorney during the buying process is always recommended.

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Purchases & Sales

Whether a simple or complicated real estate transaction, we guide you through the process from Contract to Closing. Our purpose is to ensure that your interests are protected and that you are entering a fair and fair agreement. Our attorneys negotiate and represent the financial interests of your Sales Agreement/Contract, effectively communicate, advise, and educate you on the process/steps of your sales transaction. The various steps of a real estate sale include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing/negotiating terms of the Sales Agreement/Contract
  • Ensuring contract dates are met as agreed to by the parties (deposits, commitments, etc.)
  • Reviewing & negotiating home inspection reports
  • Reviewing title commitments and surveys
  • Ensuring that all permits are closed out and municipal certifications are obtained from the town/municipality
  • Reviewing mortgage documents & commitments
  • Coordination with all parties; review of final Closing Disclosure and attendance at the closing
  • Utility Transfer
  • Post Closing – ensure Deed is properly recorded with the County Clerk and Final Title Policy is issued ensuring clear title

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